Welcome to New Work Lab !

We are passionate about entrepreneurship, new technologies and the new ways of working. We strongly believe that entrepreneurs and startups are fundamental to the economic and social development of Morocco.

 That’s why, New Work Lab creates a unique platform that allows entrepreneurs to enhance their skills and connect with big companies, the media, public institutions and students.

New Work Lab has been working since 2012 on creating and developing the moroccan entrepreneurial and digital ecosystem.

Our impact

business connections made
Startups created

Empowering entrepreneurs

New Work Lab is accelerating the development of startups and entrepreneurs. How do we do that ? Read below

Each month, we organize competitions, trainings, workshops and meet-ups for entrepreneurs and freelancers.
We have a coworking space in Casablanca city center and we are about to expand to another city in Morocco !
We are launching a new training program for aspiring entrepreneurs that’ll help them transform their ideas into startups.

New Work Lab offers

Each and every event,  training or initiative is designed to provide entrepreneurs and freelancers with :

A community
A community
We are a community of entrepreneurs, new workers and change makers. Being part of our community brings support, inspiration and collaboration.
We allow entrepreneurs to find opportunities! Members of our community have already found clients, co-founders and mentoring through NWL.
We provide entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need to build better businesses and make things happen.
Since we have started, we have helped more than a 100 entrepreneurs get featured in national, regional and international media.

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We are opening a new coworking

We are going national !

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Our Story

2012 was all about dreams
New Work Lab came from one crazy and ambitious idea : that of creating a moroccan lab for startups and entrepreneurs in Morocco. Creating a place that is dedicated to innovation and that provides tools, programs and the community every entrepreneur needs to grow.

2013 was all about new beginnings
February – Mai : Getting ready for the Opening

Mai 23rd : New Work lab is born and is already welcoming the first coworkers and the very first events

3 events to remember : A conference with Betsy Hoover, Obama’s digital campaign director, a second one with Michel et Augustin and a third one with Harper Reed, Obama’s digital campaign CTO

The community is getting stronger and bigger

November 2013 : 1st Pitch Lab

2014 was all about the community

New Work Lab organized 5 to 8 events each month about entrepreneurship and tech. These meet-ups brought together entrepreneurs, developpers, community managers, journalists and so on. Many opportunities were created for the entrepreneurs : job opportunities, launching startups, finding co-founders, contacting big companies or important clients, etc.

Sptember 2014 : Inwi trusts New Work Lab and becomes a Pitch Lab partner

2015 was all about growth
A year to develop new programs and find major partners. The Pitch Lab gets bigger and stronger.
OCP Entrepreneurship Network trusts New Lab Work and empowers it to create new programs. A new team to help entrepreneurs learn and grow

2016 is all about ? We are yet to discover that, together


They trust New Work Lab



They are talking about New Work Lab

en savoir plus


It’s a great place to cowork and meet Like-minded people at the same time! For sure I’ll visit you when I come back to Casablanca.
Thanks to the New Work Lab for offering such a friendly environment for enriching discussions
Great people, great spirit, great community, there’s something in the air